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Types Of Necklines In Punjabi Suits

Punjabi Salwar Suit is a dress material which has become popular all over the world. The demand for salwar suits increase incredibly because it has gone through many changes depending upon the prevailing trend. It is elegant and comfortable to wear and carry. Punjabi suit consist of a kurta either embroidered or printed and a salwar complements the kurta, a dupatta embroidered, printed or plain. If you want to walk with the grace that Indian women posses, then just pick salwar suits even better to choose punjabi salwar kameez. Just don the designer suit combination with matching pair of earings or jewellery will bring you much into the limelight.

The best advantages that a lady get by wearing it are as following:

a) Feel Comfortable: Salwar suits makes you comfortable all day long as compare to the T-shirts and dresses that tend to cling to your body and gives the complained of discomfort. Instead of jeans that cling to your legs, you can prefer salwars. Thus everyone can feel congenial in this clothes.

b) Add Grace To Look: With the emerging trend of fashion we can see many changes in punjabi suits, thus one can get designer and trendy styles in this traditional punjabi salwar kameez. Not only because of this clothes but with matching jewellery and bangles which you can’t wear with another dresses adds charm and grace to your look.

c) Customize It As Your Wish: The benefit of punjabi wear is that you can be of any size it will be ready according to you. It makes you more beautifully anytime or anywhere.

d) Shop Online Anytime: One can easily get the set of salwar suit and dupatta from any online website, where you can get branded dress material easily. Here I am going to suggest the brand named Reet Glamour for punjabi suits. You can find the collection of Reet Glamour at WahFashion online store.

Get a classic appeal with Punjabi Salwar Suits in a range to meet your pocket budget and also party wear. Shop online punjabi dresses of cotton, silk, chanderi silk, crepe, georgette, and much more at wahfashion. The main of Wahfashion is to make shopping a totally delightful experience for girls and women. The punjabi salwar suits they provided is the truly epitome of comfort that has to be there in every wardrobe.


In this site you can easily get stitching facility. You can design punjabi suits according to your desire. Even tailor master of this site offer umpteen neck designs. These are as folllowing:

1) Square Neckline:

As the name suggest neck design is of square shape. This type of neck design works best where the women have small neck and narrow looking shoulders. This design is perfect for cotton salwar suits.

2) Scoop Neckline:

In this type one get deep U shaped neckline. Scoop neckline is meant for ladies with narrow shoulders, it makes you sexy and desirable. By getting this type of neckline you sure to be in the limelight.

3) V-Shaped Neckline:

To look more appealing then you can prefer V-shaped neckline. It looks best when you wear punjabi suit of v neckline at colleges and offices. It is much suitable for oval faced women.

4) Boat Neckline:

This neckline is also known as bateau neck. Most of the girls wear this type of salwar suits to highlight their collarbones.

5) Collared Neckline:

In today’s fashion girls prefer collared neck style the most. A little bit embroidery on collar of punjabi suits can give you splendid look.

6) Crew Neckline:

This is the one of most loved punjabi suit neck design which become popular among the young girls. This design is not suitable for the heavy bust women. For evening outdoors you can select crew neck designed salwar suit.

7) Closed Neckline:

If you want to blow the mind of everyone in discreet way, then you can choose heavy embroidered closed neckline. Must consider the weather, place or event before blindly buying salwar kameez.

8) Sweetheart Neckline:

Get stunning and young look with this neck style and being a sweetheart to your loved one.

9) Key Hole Neckline:

One of the sensuous pick for everyone is this neck style.This is the one where the diagonal lines converge in the neck front below the collar bone to form a keyhole. You can wear this type of neckline in evening parties.

10) Simple U Shaped:

For regular wear one can prefer U shpaed neckline. Punjabi suits having u shaped is the epitome of casuality.

11) Round Neckline:

It is the common necklines suiting all the women. This style represents the traditional and mordern look. You can choose this style for printed or plain suits.

12) Jewel Neckline:

In this type, beautiful embroidery is done on the neckline which look like a jewel. This type of embroidery punjabi suits are suitable for the occasions like wedding and festivals.

13) One Shoulder Neckline:

This is the best neckline that looks perfect for formal wear. It is the modest style of salwar suits. It draws attention to the girl’s shoulder and neck due to its nature.

14) Asymmetric Neckline:

It is the amalgamation of various designs like embroidered borders, botton works and patch work done by tailor.

15) Illusion Neckline:

In this type of neckline has transparent panel in collarbones that forming an illusion of neckline and have covered shoulders. This type of salwar suits look sensuous.

16) Mandarin Neckline:

This style is derived from the mandarin collar very popular in shirts but now has become popular in punjabi suits. It has short folded standup collar that rise up to the collars. Suitable for high necked women.

Just pick your favourite neckline and design your punjabi suits according to them and be trendy!


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